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Benjamin Walsh officially founded the Law Office of Benjamin Walsh in July of 2020. Ben found that during the coronavirus pandemic, despite the economic circumstances, many small businesses were just beginning to start up and were in need of legal guidance, but hesitant to meet in person. What began as a few one-off projects as a virtual freelancer quickly turned into full-time demand for services with many repeat clients. We felt there was a need for sound legal advice offered virtually, without the complex legal jargon big law firms often provide. Our clients enjoy working with us because we take the time to help them understand each document they sign, their rights as a business owner or employee, and all angles of their legal situation. We want to be a part of your team and be a valuable resource to you.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • negotiating and managing business and intellectual property sales

  • drafting letters of opinion for small business loans

  • creating influencer agreements

  • creating compliance policies and procedures for businesses in highly regulated industries

  • drafting service contracts

  • advising on CA legality of hiring gig workers

  • forming LLCs

  • drafting terms of service and privacy policies

  • reviewing employment contracts

We truly enjoy getting to know our clients, whether they are big businesses, small start-ups looking to launch, or individuals needing some basic legal guidance.

We look forward to learning about your specific needs and helping you to accomplish your goals. Please reach out to learn more about our process and see if we are a good fit.




Managing Partner

Benjamin Walsh is a California-barred attorney specializing in business needs. His areas of expertise include corporate formation, contract law, regulatory compliance and licensing, general corporate law, and employment law.

Ben received his JD from UCLA School of Law and has been practicing since 2015 in this area. He is an avid reader and writer and believes those skills have served him well in his practice. He also completes continuing education courses regularly to ensure he is up-to-date on best practices for his clients. He prides himself on providing useful and accurate legal advice without complex and confusing jargon.

In his free time, Ben enjoys woodworking and traveling with his wife and daughter. Ben considers himself to be a California native, however he was originally born in South Africa and still appreciates many of his South African traditions.



Office Manager

Annalise Iezza-Walsh brings nearly a decade of management experience and exceptional organizational skills to the Law Office of Benjamin Walsh. She enjoys working with clients to make sure their needs are met and understands the value of good follow-through.

Prior to joining LOBW, Annalise worked in the financial services industry alongside many financial advisors helping them to create and execute successful marketing plans for their businesses. 

She is also Ben's better half in their personal life and when not working in the office, Annalise enjoys taking their daughter to various extracurriculars. She was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California and earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Ben is Annalise's high school sweetheart.

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